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CHM-PIN2   'Flute' Pin
CHT-GOGRN   'Go Green' Tote
CHM-PIN   'Got Music' Pin
CHH-TRVMUG   'Got Music' Travel Mug
CHP-PENC   'I Love Piano' Pencil-Set of 4 or Single
CHM-PIANO   'Piano' Pin
CHP-CHARM   .925 Sterling SIlver Piano-Choose Charm, Necklace, Earrings or Full Set!
CHSSPC2   .925 Sterling Silver Piano-Choose Charm, Necklace, Earrings or Full Set!
CHSSUPC   .925 Sterling Silver Upright Piano-Choose Charm, Necklace, Earrings or Full Set!
CHG-C5012   `Choose a Design Note/Greeting Card Sets
CHF-CRYSER   `Crystal Flute Earrings
CHF-CRYSFLP   `Crystal Flute Pendant
CHS-DRHNG   `Door Hanger-Choose a Design
CHO-FLWRPT   `Flower Pot - Choose A Design
CHF-FLTD   `Flute Design T-Shirt
CHF-P14557   `Flute Hologram Notebook
CHF-T31503   `Flute ID Tag
CJF-CK61A   `Flute KeyChain
CHF-FLTBG1   `Flute Tote Bag
CHF-LFTBG2   `Flute Tote Bag
CHF-MINIFLT   `Mini Flute With Case
CHO-IRST2   `Window Cling-Choose a Design
CHO-CRYSANG   3D Etched Crystal Angel with Harp
CHF-MAG   3d Silver Flute Magnet
CHJ-7004   3D-Sterling Silver Harp Jewelry
HARP-SLVR-NCK-CRYS   3D-Sterling Silver Harp Necklace with Crystal
CHA-FORK   A-440 Hz Tuning Fork
083015AFA   Acrylic Flute Ornament
STEAMPUNK-PENGUIN   Adorable Steampunk Penguin Harp Buddy
FFAMORE   Amore! Finery's larger "Cadence" (key from footjoint)
GAL15   Ancient Christmas
GAL13   Ancient Gold Christmas Harp
GAL39   Ancient Gold Harp
HB-BUNNY   Angel Bunny Harp Buddy-Closeout!
ANGHRP-NKC-CRYS   Angel Harp Necklace with Crystal
GAL74   Angelic Lyre
CHG-C5013   Aria of Flowers Greeting Card
CHS-CERT5   Award Certificate-'Achievement' 6PK
CHS-CERTACH   Award Certificate-'Achievement' 6PK
CHS-CERTEX   Award Certificate-'Excellence' 6PK
CHTR-CERT2   Award Certificate-'Excellent Student' 6PK
CHTR-CERT1   Award Certificate-'Good Work' 6PK
CHS-CERTMA   Award Certificate-'Musical Achievement' 5PK
CHS-CERTMAC   Award Certificate-'Musical Achievement' 5PK
CHS-CERTPA   Award Certificate-'Perfect Attendance' 6PK
CHTR-CERT3   Award Certificates-'Harpist' 6PK
CHA-BABY   Baby Creeper T- Choose a Design
Harp Charm SLVR   Beautiful Harp Charm-Silver
CHM-SCARF   Beautiful Music Design Scarf
GAL16   Black and Gold
CHG-C5014   Black and Gold Greeting Card
GAL47   Blue Harp
CHS-BM1   Bookmark-Choose a Design
CHG-C5015   Boru Greeting Card
BRIEF   Briefcase-Choose a Design
BRIEFCSHP   Briefcase-Choose a Design
HARP-BUDDY-BROWNLAMB   Brown Lamb Harp Buddy
CHBC-0014   Business Card #0014
CHBC-0015   Business Card #0015
CHBC-0017   Business Card #0017
CHBC-0019   Business Card #0019
CHBC-022   Business Card #0022
CHBC-0024   Business Card #0024
CHBC-0036   Business Card #0036
CHBC-0037   Business Card #0037
CHBC-0039   Business Card #0039
CHBC-0040   Business Card #0040
CHBC-0044   Business Card #0044
CHBC-0023   Business Card-#0023
CHBC-F02   Business Card-Flute #02
CHBC-F03   Business Card-Flute #03
CHBC-F07   Business Card-Flute #07
CHBC-F08   Business Card-Flute #08
CHBC-FH01   Business Card-Flute and Harp #01
CHBC-FH02   Business Card-Flute and Harp #02
CHBC-FH03   Business Card-Flute and Harp #03
CHBC-0011   Business Cards #0011
CHGT-BGS   Butterfly Gliss Greeting Card
GAL41   Butterfly Glisses
GAL46   Butterfly Harps Multi
GAL45   Butterfly Harps Purple
GAL22   By the Sea
CHG-C5016   By the Sea Greeting Card
CHO-CM   Candy/Mint Mold
GAL5   Cats Gone WIld
GAL65   Celtic Flowers
CHG-C5018   Celtic Flowers 1 Greeting Card
GAL66   Celtic Flowers 2
CHG-C501110   Celtic Flowers 3 Greeting Card
CHG-C501111   Celtic Flowers 4 Greeting Card
CHG-C501112   Celtic Flowers Greeting Card Set
GAL63   Celtic Gliss
CHG-C501113   Celtic Gliss 1 Greeting Card
GAL67   Celtic Gliss 2
CHG-C501114   Celtic Gliss 2 Greeting Card
GAL68   Celtic Gliss 3
CHG-C501116   Celtic Gliss 3 Greeting Card
GAL69   Celtic Gliss 4
CHG-C501117   Celtic Gliss 4 Greeting Card
CHG-C501118   Celtic Gliss Greeting Card Set
CHJ-SHC   Celtic Harp Jewelry
CHJ-STERLH   Celtic Harp Necklace-X-Large
CHS-55002   Celtic Harp Stamp
CHS-55003   Celtic Harp Stamp
CHG-C501120   Celtic Holiday 1 Greeting Card
GAL70   Celtic Holiday 2
CHG-C501121   Celtic Holiday 2 Greeting Card
CHG-C501122   Celtic Holiday Greeting Card Set
GAL64   Celtic Purple
CHO-CHKBK   Checkbook Cover-Choose a Design
HPCHK2   Choker Necklace
HPCHK3   Choker Necklace
HPCHK6   Choker Necklace With Chain
HPCHK5   Choker Necklace With Harp
HPCHK7   Choker Necklace With Harp
HPCHK10   Choker Necklace With Harp and Crystal Heart
HPCHK8   Choker Necklace With Harp and Crystal Heart
HPCHK9   Choker Necklace With Harp and Crystal Heart
HPCHK4   Choker Necklace With Heart and Harp
STHRP-NCK-CRYS   Choose a Charm Necklace with Crystal (Choose a Color)
HRPNKPERS   Choose a Charm Necklace with Personalized Initial
CHD-BKMK   Choose a Design Laminated Bookmarks
CHG-C5019   Choose a Design Note/Greeting Card
CHA-JRT   Choose a Design T for Juniors
CHA-THPHM   Choose a Design T-Shirt For Her
CHT-HIMHER   Choose a Design T-Shirt For Him or Her-Up to 6X
CH-TRAVMUG   Choose a Design Travel Mug
CHG-PENCC   Choose a Design Water Globe/Pencil Cup
CHA-CHORDW   Chord Wheel
CD-CIRCEAR   Circle Charm Harp Earrings-Choose a Design
CD-CIRCNECK   Circle Charm Harp Necklace-Choose a Design
CHO-CIRC5CST   Circle of Fifths Coaster
CHO-CIRC5MP   Circle of Fifths Mouse Pad
CHNailFile   Clear Clef Nail Files
CHCLPBRD   Clef Design Clip Board
CHCLFNTBK   Clef Design Notebooks
CHN-CLFNTBK   Clef Design Notebooks-Snap Closure
CHS-904   Clef Hologram Notebook
CHA-BTTL   Clef Sport Bottle
HARP-BUDDY-GREENBEAR   Colorful Bear Harp Buddy-Clearance
HRP-NKCLEF-CRYS   Colorful G-Clef Necklace with Crystal
MusicPncls   Colorful Music Pencils
CH-CMPTOTE   Composers Tote
9415CHO   CraftyHarp Choose a Design Ornament
CHO-CHO   CraftyHarp Original Design Ornament-Round
CHO-CHOV   CraftyHarp Original Design Snowflake Ornament
CHJ-FLBRCH   Crystal Flute Brooch
CHJ-CRYSHRPER1   Crystal HarpBrooch-Amber and Crystal
HPHRTNK1   Crystal Valentine and Harp Necklace
HARP-BUDDY-FOX   Cute Fox Harp Buddy
HARPBUDDY-FOX   Cute Steampunk Fox Harp Buddy
HARP-BUDDY-KITTY   Cute-As-Can-Be Kitty Harp Buddy
harpeardec   Decorative Harp Earrings
lyreardec   Decorative Lyre Earrings
PIANOEAR3   Decorative Piano Earrings
GAL71   Diana Dream
GAL43   Dragon Harp
CHH-LIGHT   Duet Xtra Flex Music Light
CHT-ECON   Economy Tote Bag-Choose a Design
NOTE-JLR   Eighth Note SIlver Charm Jewelry
CHO-MUGBOX   Elegant Music Mug With Gift Box
CHA-ERGKEY   Ergonomic Tuning Key
CHA-ERGKEYC   Ergonomic Tuning Key-Colors
CHG-502   Evening Angel Greeting Note/Greeting Cards
GAL48   Evening Harp Angel
HARP-BUDDY-FAIRYBEAR   Fairy Bear Harp Buddy-Closeout!
CHG-C501129   Fantasy Greeting Card Set
GAL20   Floral Aria
GAL18   Floral Ariana
GAL17   Floral Diana
CHG-C501131   Flower Garden Greeting Card
GAL7   Flower Garden Harp
GAL35   Flute Boot Revolution
FLUTEBOOT   Flute Boot Revolution T-Shirt
FLTHDJNTCH   Flute Candle Holder ( Head Joint )-Crytal Keys and Base
FLCNDLE1   Flute Candle Holder (Body)- Crytal Keys and Base
FLTFTJNTCH   Flute Candle Holder (Foot Joint)-Crytal Keys and Base
FLUTECANDLE-G   Flute Candle Holders (Full Set, Gold)-Crytal Keys and Bases
FLUTECANDLE-S   Flute Candle Holders (Full Set, SIlver)-Crytal Keys and Bases
GAL53   Flute Colorama
GAL50   Flute Family
FFFULLSET-1401   Flute Finery Full Set-Necklace and Earrings
FFZIPPULL-1302   Flute Key Charm Zipper Pull/Key Chain-Silver
FLTKEY-OS   Flute Key Earrings with Red Crystals
FFSETW   Flute Key Jewelry Full Set-Wire
CHF-G1029   Flute Magnet
CHF-MPAD   Flute Mouse Pad
GAL56   Flute Music
FLUTE-NCK-OS   Flute Necklace with Red Crystal
CHF-C1040B   Flute Pencil-Set of 4 or Single
FLUTEPLS   Flute Player Sculpture
GAL52   Flute-"Got Flute"
GAL57   Flute-Steampunk
GAL55   Flutes in BW
GAL54   Flutes in Color
GAL51   Flutes-Color
CHM-CANCOOL   Foam Can Coolie with Music Design
GAL42   Folk Christmas
GAL44   Folk Harp Butterfly
HARPBUDDY-DOG   Friendly Doggy Harp Buddy

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