Adorable Steampunk Penguin Harp Buddy


Incredibly adorable Penguin Harp Buddies! Choose hand made felt harp or wood harp replica.


Our adorable Steampunk Penguin Harp Buddies are cute, plush, and totally irresistible! Our Steampunk-style
inspired Buddies come in assorted colors {chosen randomly}
with adorable hats, gears, and all things Steampunk! Choose custom. hand-made felt harp, wood harp or
Metal/Crystal harp. Assorted color harps and decorations. Each hand made felt harp features little bows, flowers, beads, and other assorted
steampunk decorations! A very cute surprise for a student, family or
friend. Great for rewards, birthdays, graduations, and other special
occasions! Our Harp Buddies have so many wonderful possibilities!