Cute Steampunk Fox Harp Buddy


Cute plush fox harp buddy in Steampunk style. The perfect gift for this holiday season! Choose felt or wood harp. Animal color is chosen randomly, however, if you have a strong personal preference, please contact us once you place your order.


Super cute Steampunk Fox harp buddies come in assorted colors with adorable ears and fluffy tails. 5′ plush foxes. Our Steampunk-style inspired Fox Harp Buddies come in assorted colors {chosen
randomly} with adorable hats, gears, and all things Steampunk! 5′ plush
foxes with cute, puffy tails. Choose custom, hand-made felt, wood harp, or Metal/Crystal harp. Assorted color harps and decorations. Each Fox
holds its own harp featuring little bows, flowers, beads, and other
assorted steampunk decorations! (wood harps do not include additional embellishments). Assorted color harps and embellishments. A very cute surprise for a student, family or friend. Great for rewards, birthdays, graduations, and other special occasions!