Scruffy Bunny Harp Buddy


This little bunny is scruffy but oh so cute and cuddly! Adopt your scruffy bunny harp buddy today. A great musical gift!

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Our scruffy bean bag bunny is so adorable you just can’t resist. Each bunny is 7.25 inch tall with soft, brown fur, white ears, nose and feet, bow around his neck, and the sweetest little pink nose. Bunny holds a hand made 3 inch felt CraftyHarp harp adorned with ribbons and bows. Assorted color harps.

We offer a variety of Harp Buddies to make practice time even more fun. Our buddies have so many wonderful possibilities including:
* Plush gifts for any occasion including holidays!
* Fantastic rewards for teachers to show their students their appreciation on a job well done.
* Wonderful additions to any gift basket.
* Fun way to enjoy practice time: Buddies can also be tied to the column or pilar of your harp with the soft ribbon provided and they’ll watch you play all day without getting in the way of any strings or affecting the sound. Or, tie them to your music stand, bench leg, piano leg, or any other place you would like to enjoy your harp buddy!
* Hand Crafted Harp is hand crafted in felt, ribbon and satin flowers. Decorations will vary.

These little critters are a must for any harp or music enthusiast!