The Concertino-(Small C Key) SIlver


The The Concertino (Small C Key) silver Flute Key with sparkling, genuine Swarovski Crystals. Complimentary silver plated chain and lovely gift box included. Available in 30 colors! Mouse over or tap the color chart to view color options. Choose a color from the Options menu below. NOTE: All Colors will vary depending upon your computer/monitor.


The Concertino (Small C Key) silver flute keys are meticulously hand cut from a real flute, then sanded, polished and adorned with beautiful crystals to perfection to wear around your neck. Each key is intact and crafted with minimal processing to leave each key closest to the way it was on the original flute. Some keys are bent for wearability, but they are intact keys complete with a new pad and corks where applicable. These real flute keys feature the largest authentic Swarovski Crystals available in a myriad of colors. Don’t see a color you like? Contact us and we will send you a library of available colors. These keys are silver plated, and all keys are sold ‘as is’. Every key includes its own unique history of ownership, and a complimentary silver plated snake style chain, and lovely gift box! NOTE:All Colors will vary depending upon your computer/monitor.